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USA has a population of 320 million people, making it the third largest multicultural community in the world.


Culture is made up of a variety of characteristics such as the food we eat, clothes we wear, language we speak, arts & music, sports we practice, our ethics & beliefs, and a whole bunch of other variables.


Almost every region of the world has influenced American culture in some way, mostly due to the fact that it is a country of immigrants. England colonized the country in the early 1600s, by this time they already had a very strong native American culture. Throughout the years there has been a very pronounced African, Latin American and Asian influence.



English is the main language used in USA, even though there is no official language, 90% of the population does speak and understand English. According to the government almost every language in the world is spoken in America: Languages like Spanish, Chinese, French and German are among the most frequently spoken non-English languages.



According to the U.S. government, America has one-third of the entertainment industry of the world. American art is more than just Hollywood movies and television shows. There is a vast diversity of musical styles such as blues, jazz, gospel, country and western, bluegrass, rock ‘n’ roll, rap and hip hop.

America has a very rich theatrical history as well, New York is home to Broadway: one of the most important theater centers in the world.




USA is a country that loves sports. There are millions of fans nationwide that follow football, baseball, basketball and hockey, among other sports.


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