Over the years it’s become more and more important to know how to speak a second language, for both professional reasons and personal convictions. The three most used languages in the world are Mandarin, Spanish and English. In Mexico only 5% of the population practices or understands a foreign language, English being on the top of the list, so if what you want is to be part of this minority and help the percentage grow here are some simple tips that will help you speak, write and read in another language.


  1. Mirror Words


Mirror words are those formally denominated as cognate words which are in most cases words with the same or similar meanings, phonetic pronunciation and writing, for example : Actor in English and Actor in Spanish. It is very useful to be familiar with these type of words since they will help you when reading texts, books or during conversations due to their similarity.


  1. Music & Movies


Watching movies and listening to music is a fun way of practicing a language, it will help you improve your pronunciation skills by making your hearing more sensitive to the language.

The trick is to watch the same movie or series 4 or 5 times using subtitles and then one last time without them; the results are amazing. With songs it is a bit more difficult since it requires more work, but that does not mean that it is not a good tool to take into account. Look up your favorite song and try to translate it using a dictionary and this will improve your understanding and pronunciation in a great way.

woman at station listening to music with mobile

  1. Say NO to online translators


Try to avoid online translators as much as you can since most of them tend to translate words individually when entering a complete phrase, resulting in an incorrect re-write of the sentences ideas and wording. This might interfere with your language practice. Of course do use translators in case of emergency or if necessary to find out the meaning of one specific word, it might also help you with its pronunciation.


  1. Online practice


Without contradicting the previous point, it is possible to practice a language online. Thanks to all the great technological advances, nowadays there are tools that can help you interact with people who reside in other countries. This is a great option to practice, get to know local expressions and socialize at an international level.


Lingbe is a mobile application that will make it easy and fun for you to practice another language while socializing with people in other countries. Practicing a language was never this much fun before! What are you waiting for