It’s amazing how much technology has evolved, it is now one of the main tools human beings rely on to make life much more simple. The Internet has managed to reach almost every corner of the planet, improving communication and interaction between people who are actually very far apart. This is what makes Lingbe possible. Being able to contact people from all around the world at anytime and anyplace opens up a whole world of possibilities. Did you ever think you were going to be able to practice language conversation with native speakers across the world? Or, Did you ever think you might be the one teaching your own native language to a foreigner in another continent?

Being in contact with people from around the world is each time more important. Understanding different cultures, speaking different languages, respecting different traditions may also come in handy for professional or academic purposes, not only at a personal level. This is why one of the biggest trends in the digital world for 2016 is chatting with foreigners to practice different languages. These type of interactions tend to be much more dynamic, simple, fun and relaxed for their participants since both parties are practicing together.



The advantages of practicing a language through an App:

  • Saving money. You can’t compare it to the costs of having to enroll in a language course.
  • Practice at your own tempo. You can decide how much is enough.
  • Anytime, Anywhere. You can practice whenever you feel like it.
  • Being socially active. You can freely decide what language you want to practice, who you want to talk with or befriend and get to know.
  • Conversation topics. You can find people who share the same interest as you and have interesting conversations on topics you feel are important, relevant or fun.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Safe and Secure


Lingbe is an application for your smartphone that combines your ambition of practicing a language with the social advantage of being able to make friends at the same time. It also counts with the benefits of being able to manage your own schedule, meaning you can decide when and where you want to start a conversation. Be a part of this incredible experience with Lingbe, what are you waiting for!