There are different factor that make it hard for people to start practicing other languages, such as distance between countries, the phonetic challenge and how different it might be from your mother tongue. Motivation is very important when you are considering to start practicing another language.

With Lingbe, you will find that practicing another language it not hard at all. This is because you will practice directly with a native speaker; this will help your pronunciation and grammar.

Are you interested in practicing another language, but don’t know which one to start with? Don’t worry! Here are some tips about the easiest languages you can start practicing, based on a study by the Foreign Service Institute of the United States of America:


It’s originally from the historical Iberian Peninsula, which nowadays is known as Spain; it is the second most spoken language in the world. It has similarities with English as to the straightforward pronunciation of words.



Portuguese is the official language in over 8 countries, the two biggest ones being Brazil and Portugal. This language has a certain resemblance to Spanish due to its Latin roots, it is considered very influential in regions such as Malaysia, India, Thailand and China.



Considered by society as one of the nicest and most romantic languages in the world; French is native from France and also comes from Latin Roots; It is also spoken in some African countries and islands in the Caribbean.



This language is spoken in Italy, it has a strong similarity with Spanish and Portuguese due to the Latin background, although some words and phrases are easily understood and translated, the pronunciation is very different.


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