The 20th Century is considered to be one of the most revolutionary eras in the modern life of mankind; a long list of inventions and discoveries have been made which make our daily life much easier and comfortable, for example our cellphones.

Cellphones have improved communication in many ways: phone calls, chats, Internet and so on; nowadays we can even use our phones as tools to practice other languages. Practicing another language with native speakers will make your conversation practice more dynamic and will also give you the chance to socialize internationally.

Break the Barriers Practicing a language with Linbge 01

Practicing a language with a native speaker will make it much more simple, since you will be hearing proper pronunciation and grammar, which will train your ear on how the language should sound.

Laughing young guy enjoying a conversation over the cellphone

The relevance of socializing on a global level has also boosted due to globalization, now the whole world is connected and it is important to be able to communicate in as many languages as possible. You never know where it might lead to have friends across the globe, maybe a new relationship or maybe a new job opportunity.

Lingbe is an application that will connect you with the world while practicing another language. You will be able to explore different cultures & traditions, gain fluency and improve your conversation skills. It is your choice to break the barriers: download out beta version on so you can start practicing and making friends!