Traveling is definitely an incomparable experience: the excitement of getting to know a new place, taking lovely pictures and interacting with local people. Locals will be able to show you around, help you with their language and share their traditions. Globetrotters base their experiences on memories; there are a lot of ways of creating memories that will last in time while traveling. This way you will be able to re live your trips as many times as you want.

  1. TripAdvisor

There is no doubt that tripadvisor is a classic for travelers. It is a planning app that will help you organize your trip, from hotel bookings, to restaurant recommendations and general interest must-see sights based on travelers insights. It is considered one of the main platforms for planning and is highly recommended for rookie travelers.

  1. Maptia

Maptia is an app for travelers who enjoy keeping written diaries of their travelling experiences. It is structured as a blog, it lets users create their profile and share their experiences with readers. Users can upload written content, photographs and tips that might help other travelers when visiting the same regions in search of adventures.

  1. Lingbe

Lingbe is an app that promotes interaction with native people with the objective of being able to practice and improve language skills. Lingbe users are encouraged to practice another language while also getting to know different cultures. It is a very practical tool for travelers to have, which will definitely help their interaction with locals.

  1. Entrain

Is an incredible app that is used to synchronize ones biological clock with the time zone of a specific destination, with the intention of helping you regulate your jet lag faster and let you compare the different time zones and solar cycles. This app will prepare you to enjoy every single moment of your trip.

  1. Gogobot

Gogobot is a virtual guide that will help you search for hotels, lodgings and restaurants around the world, by providing it’s users with reviews. It includes pictures, comments from other users and the option of designing schedules considering time of day, length of stay and prices.