There are many reasons to travel such as business, pleasure or visiting family & friends. Just thinking about the financial and time implications makes planning complicated. If you are about to travel, try to get the best out of it, since there are more benefits for travelling than what you think.


Getting to know a new place is very stimulating, you will find yourself walking around, taking pictures, trying new different types of foods and interacting with the locals, practicing their language. One of the greatest advantages of travelling is the experience you gain from it.




When visiting another country, you will immediately feel curious about their traditions and culture. Which is great for your mind! It will help you open your head to new things & ideas, get to know different ideologies, and make you reflect. When meeting someone remember that the most interesting thing about him or her is what he or she has to say.

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It’s true! When travelling alone one has time to think and meditate in peace about what you want in life, your long and short term goals. A long tiring flight can sometimes give your mind time to think more clearly about your plans, what or who you miss and what you need. Go for it!

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One of the best benefits! Throughout your trip you will probably never stop meeting people, having conversations about different places to visit, to eat and favorite sightseeing spots. You might also get the chance to meet up with your lingbe friends with whom you have been practicing for so long. Even on a trip you can keep on practicing on lingbe.

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