Becoming friends with people from different countries is a great advantage for your social life: you will never run out of topics of conversation, you will get to know about their interests and culture. Have you ever thought about the advantages of having Latin friends? Would you like to be able to speak and practice Spanish with a Mexican, Argentinean or Colombian over lingbe? Here are some details on Latin people that might help you out.

Having long conversations with Latin people will give you the chance to get to know various aspects of their country’s traditions and culture. People with a Spanish mother tongue are known for being very optimistic, warm and tend to be great problem solvers always looking for different options. Latin people are also known for their strong sense of loyalty and family values.


You will find Latin people very friendly and open, which is ideal for having conversations. Some great topics could be family & friends, sports, food and movies. It will be very easy for you to share conversations while you experience how enjoyable practicing Spanish on lingbe can be.

Smiling students talking outdoors

Spanish speaking people also tend to be quite honest and upfront; they will always share their point of view on a matter. They will help motivate you to archive your goals, and before you know it you will consider your fellow lingber a friend.

What are you waiting for? Download our lingbe beta version to start practicing Spanish and making Latin friends!