Travelling has lots of benefits; the experience of getting to know a new place can be very stimulating. Most people enjoy getting in touch with the local culture and their practices. Now, thanks to Lingbe it will be fun and easy to practice foreign languages.

Are you willing to face the adventure of a lifetime? Up next are some suggestions of countries to visit with completely different languages. Enjoy!



Amazing! Over the past few years it has become a hot destination for young backpackers. It’s capital, Tokyo, is the main tourist destination of the country. Other cities that are very visited are Kioto, Osaka and Nagasaki.

Japanese is the 9th most spoken language in the world, it is related with the Rykyuenses tongue, which originates in the south of the country.




Located in central Europe, Hungary is a country with a very rich culture and a very interesting language. Its capital, Budapest, is one of the mayor attractions for tourists, with a vast variety of museums and historic buildings. Its language, Hungarian, is spoken in Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Croatia among other countries. Hungarian belongs to the family of the urálicas languages (a total of 38 languages spoken by more than 20 million people). Unlike Japanese, Hungarian is made up of almost all the same letters of our occidental alphabet.

Hungary LINGBE



One of the most tropical countries of South America, it is known for having a very colorful and festive culture. Its main tourist attraction is the famous city: Rio de Janeiro, which over the years has been the host of a great number of artistic and sport events, such as this year’s Olympic Games. The official language is Portuguese, its grammar is similar to Spanish, making it easier for Spanish speakers to understand and practice it.

Brazil is also home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World (chosen in 2007): Their famous Christ –The Cristo Redentor.



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