Travelling is not only about sightseeing and dish tasting, to be able to live the full experience it’s key to understand the regions culture. There are thousands of festivals taking place around the world which are well known for their originality. Interested in going to any? Up next we will tell you which ones are the coolest and most amazing ones so you don’t miss them on your trip schedule.

“La Tomatina”

Is a festival which originated over 40 years ago in Buñol, Spain. The traditional celebration takes place in the town center on every last Wednesday of August and consists in throwing tomatoes as if it were a “food fight”. Over the years it has gained so much popularity that tourists from around the world travel anxiously to attend and participate of this “tomato fight”. Before every celebration the authorities inform the participants about the rules, such as wearing comfortable clothing, not throwing hard tomatoes and not entering with any other objects.

tomatina lingbe


Is a Hindu celebration that takes place in Nepal and India during the springtime. Also known as the “Joli” festival, inspired in the “Jolika Myth”, the sister of the Hiranyakashipu King, who in a desperate attempt to kill his nephew ended up dying wrapped in flames. The celebration consists in lighting a bonfire in honor of Jolika while people listen to music and throw powder color dust into the air to transmit happiness and good energy to the world.

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Takes place in England and is one of the most important music festivals of the world. In addition of getting to see some of the best bands worldwide one can also enjoy watching different performances such as comedies, dances, theatrical and circus shows. The festival lasts three whole days and has broken records regarding attendance, with a total of 135 thousand people. You can’t miss it!

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Lantern Festival

Is a traditional festival that takes place in Asia, mainly in China and Taiwan. It consists in walking with a lit paper lantern on the fifteenth day of the lunisolar calendar and once the sun sets the lanterns are released into the sky symbolizing the letting go of the past. It is a wonderful thing to see!

Lantern Festival lingbe


So now you know! There is no doubt these festivals are great conversation topics to practice another language on Lingbe. Download our beta version app and discover what other festivals are waiting for you!