There is a great variety of tools that can be handy for globetrotters and people who love to travel; many of which may have social aspects to them or simple tour guide functions. Which ever is the case, it is important to find a fun and dynamic option that works for you. This is why Lingbe offers its beta version, available for mobile download – Apple or Android- so you can travel and practice languages at the same time.

Lingbe offers a creative way of getting to know all about different cultures and traditions while engaging in conversation with native speakers. The App also works as a channel to connect two people who live in completely different places, so they can get to know each other, develop a friendship and above all practice a new language.

The importance of knowing more than one language is each time greater due to professional, academic or relocation matters. Other advantages of Lingbes beta version is that it is a completely free service, once you subscribe yourself via email you will automatically become a beta tester and be able to download our mobile app.

No previous level or knowledge is needed to be able to become a beta Tester; Lingbe is both beginner and intermediate level friendly. There is not a better way for you to start practicing another language!

What are you waiting for! Download our beta in and become one of our beta testers.