USA is one of the most visited countries in the world; within its territory there are hundreds of general interest sites to visit: bridges, streets and neighborhoods among others. Nevertheless, there are some key sites which main appeal is related with the country’s socio-political history. What are you waiting for? Visit them now!


Located in Keystone, South Dakota, these well-known giant sculptures were made to honor 4 of the most emblematic presidents in the history of USA: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It was carved into stone by more than 400 sculptors between 1927 and 1941. It was done to commemorate the first 150 years of the country. Mount Rushmore receives around 2,757,971 annual visitors, nowadays it is under the National Park services administration.MountRushmore-lingbe


Union Station is one of the main passengers railroad stations, located in the Country’s capital, Washington D.C. It is with no doubt one of the busiest stations nationwide, it also serves as the operation center for Amtrak, the inter-urban state train system for people travelling along the US. Union Station was inaugurated in 1907 and designed by Daniel Burnham; it is considered a very important building due to its great and complex structure.Union.Station.Washington.D.C. lingbe


One of New York’s main attractions, photographed and illustrated in all US maps. It’s located in ‘’Liberty Island” south of Manhattan on the Hudson River. It was a gift from France to USA in the year 1886 to commemorate the 100 years the country’s independence and as a token of friendship between the two nations. Since it opened on the 28th of October in 1886, it has received around 3.6 million annual visitors and has been nominated for The New World Wonders, where it came in as a finalist.

Don’t forget to visit these places next time you travel to the US and also download our beta version of Lingbe and practice your English with native speakers!liberty statue lingbe