It is known that practicing a language has hundreds of benefits that will make your life easier in a bunch of different ways, just the fact of being able to communicate in another language is very important and is something that will help you throughout your life on a personal, professional and academic level. You will also feel safe and comfortable travelling if you know you can communicate with the local people. It is not necessary for you to enroll yourself in a tedious language course, there are alternative ways that make practicing a language fun and simple, and there is no doubt Lingbe is one of them.

Lingbe allows you to engage in conversation with people from all around the world whose interests are practicing or learning a language with native speakers. When becoming a Beta Tester, you will not only be able to practice another language, but you will also get the chance to socialize making new friends and meeting people with similar interests as your own. Here are some advantages of practicing a language with native speakers:

No more boring classes

There is no doubt that the best way to learn a language is by practicing it on a regular basis, lingbe is the best option for this. Once you start a conversation with a native speaker, you are already practicing and getting better. These conversations will help you speak about different topics, improve your grammar, learn new words and expressions, which will help you improve your pronunciation and writing skills.

Awaken your traveler instinct

Either as a backpacker or a high-end hotel tourist, practicing another language with native speakers will stimulate your traveler instinct, making the possibility of travelling and getting to know different cultures richer and more interesting.

Get to know more

It’s normal that when speaking with foreigners you will always learn a bit about their culture, customs and the most relevant things about their country. It is always enriching to have conversations with wise people who can speak about a variety of topics and share their stories and experiences with you.

What are you waiting for! Download our beta version of Lingbe and start a new adventure.