Today it is very necessary to speak two or more languages besides the native. Why is this happening?

It has been proven on a global level that having more than one dominant language is one of the main objectives for people on a professional and personal scale; the chances of travelling around the world and being able to initiate conversations with native speakers is an increasingly necessary fact in people’s lives for different reasons: work, study or just in order to increase social life depending on the needs of the speaker. Among the most sought after languages in the world are English, French and recently Chinese Mandarin.

What’s going on a polyglot’s brain?

Those who master a third language often have their brains in shape; Several studies show that by practicing several languages, it improves attention span as well as ensures a notorious and very possible delay in Alzheimer’s prevention.

The most effective way to maintain the brain healthy is through the stimulation of mental exercises, which are carried out with the practice of something that requires a lot of attention. Among the most important scientific effects are the so-called cerebral plasticity or neuroplasticity, which consists of the neurons regenerating anatomically and functionally in order to form synaptic connections.

It is a fact that knowing at least six languages, requires a very complete brain gym. It allows you to pay attention, while at the same time develop other functions such as speech; hearing and even the sight. The benefits are often forged more easily if you handle the ability of a polyglot from a very young age.


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Alberto Cruz

CEO Lingbe


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