Traveling is one of the most important pleasures for people, and even a lifestyle. That is why, when planning a trip to any part of the world, it is inevitable not to think about the activities that will be done in the chosen destination. However, the most important (and practically the engine of the same trip) is mealtime; Because when you go to a foreign country, you know another way of life, another culture, another way of thinking, of being, of eating. Do you have plans to travel to any Latin country? Learn a little about the history of gastronomy in some countries of Latin America:




Mexican food is highly seasoned and is characterized by its prehispanic and abundant spice. Thanks to the Spanish conquest, Aztec gastronomy became colorful and with great flavor. The most popular ingredients are potato, cactus, red meats, tomatoes, onions and chilies. On the other hand, it has a variety of typical sweets and desserts depending on each region, from snows, meringues, tamarind sweets and palanquetas. If your plan is to know Mexico, we recommend you investigate well about its gastronomy, since each state has its own typical dish, as well as its own history.




Colombian cuisine has several influences, although it is still important. Its historical antecedents are due to the Indians, Spaniards and Africans. It is known that in many countries in the south of the American continent the arepa are very popular; However, the Colombian also has its peculiar flavor, texture and way of preparation. They also have the “Antioqueña Gastronomy”, which are really dishes in a rural context after surviving processes such as globalization itself. Its most popular ingredients are beans, rice, egg, chicharrón and ground beef.




As important as the previous ones, the Brazilian gastronomy is due to its history with Portuguese boats in the year 1500. It is one of the countries with exotic culture in food, thanks to the Amazon, marine fauna and tropical fruits worthy of its territory. Its food has European, indigenous influences and the arrival of immigrants also influences the same.



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