The world of running is competitive and requires great preparation to travel a long and heavy distance like a marathon. Are you a runner? Imagine walking the 42,195 meters in a country totally different from yours. Would you like to live it? Here we present you the best marathons and without any doubt, it is worth running.


It is one of the oldest in the history of running. It is held on Patriots Day (the third Monday in April) and dates from 1897. It is characterized by its mountainous route considering altimetry and a tourist landscape on its way, ending at the Boston Public Library. The 2013 edition is the most remembered, due to the attack that broke out in full career, being one of the tragic acts that shocked the world the most.


It’s slogan is "Das Marathonfest auf der schnelisten strecke der Welt", which means the marathon festival on the fastest track in the world. And, indeed, among the riders is known for being one of the fastest, given its type of soil lighter than the previous one and also counting on numerous sites of general interest where the route passes. Its first edition was carried out in 1974 and since then it is one of the most requested by classified runners.


It is organized by the same company responsible for the famous Tour de France. It is one of the most colorful and perfect marathons, since its route, besides the incredible tourist attraction (the track goes along the River Seine), there are more than 100 orchestras and popular animations distributed along the route. To date, the sports edition hosts approximately 50,000 runners from around the world.

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