Surrealism is one of the most important and popular artistic movements. It has been characterized with the passage of the years by its origin from Dada in the 20’s. Around the world there are museums in which are exhibited the best paintings of its precursors and leading figures.


Borned in Germany but nationalized French, he is considered one of the most important in both Dada and surrealism movements. From 1922, in Paris, he began painting surrealist artworks. He made his debut as a movie actor in 1930 in a surrealist film directed by Luis Buñuel and later, during World War II, was imprisoned by the Germans, although this was not an impediment to continue working on his paintings. He died in 1976 at the age of 84, leaving an influential legacy in a large crowd of artists. Currently, there is a museum with its name located in Brühl, Germany.



Outstanding English painter, nationalized Mexican and also with outstanding writing skills. She was introduced to the world of surrealism thanks to her teacher and also a sentimental couple, Max Ernst. Spending her last years in Mexico City and dedicating to paint and sculpting in bronzem she was a good friend of the painter Remedios Varo, as well as Andre Breton, Renato Leduc (who helped her emigrate to the American continent) and Benjamin Péret. She died in 2011 at the age of 94.



She is one of the most recognized figures in art in Mexico. Daughter of the German photographer Guillermo Kahlo; Throughout his life lived tormented by the number of diseases he suffered, as well as a tragic accident that changed his life at the age of 20. After marrying the also painter, Diego Rivera, she lived part of her life lying on a bed making spectacular painting with “Two Fridas” as main theme. She died at age 47 due to pulmonary thrombosis and left a legacy in Mexican culture.

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