“To date, a computer is not designed to be aware of what it is doing; But most of the time neither are we.”


We have seen in countless programs, series, and films the projection of a future that is getting closer. The great fear of many is that technological advances can be such that humanity ends up being subjected by machines and robots. An improbable scenario if we consider that the evolution of artificial intelligence is proportional to human intelligence, is that the more intelligence a machine has, the more intelligent will be its creator and operator.

Every day we are closer to that utopian world, where the human being has practically become a robot.shutterstock_335493701

In the future world when we wake up in the morning, contact lenses will tell us how our body’s health is that day, the appointments we have scheduled, whom we must call, we can even store information such as telephone numbers, Photographs, record moments and be able to project them on devices like the screens (Just as you seen it in the chapter of Black Mirror) which at that moment were only holograms. The underwear we wear will provide us with a dose of medication to stabilize our levels of vitamins and proteins that our body needs, antibiotics in case of having an infection and painkillers if we have any pain.

Nanotechnology will allow us to have control over some diseases or physical complications. Clogged arteries? It will be a thing of the past, a small robot can enter our arteries to clean them. The 3D prints will make it possible to recreate any type of organ that may be compatible with the receiver’s DNA. The quality of life of the human being will be much better; Food will improve, the products will be made with a high content of proteins and vitamins; There will no longer be any need to eat animal meat because it will create a type of meat with better nutritional value, with the same taste and without being harmful to the body.

Self – operated robots are already a reality. Robots that will prepare your food, who will replace the drivers in taxi services, self – guided automobiles that will transport their passengers in a safe and precise way. They will even be extremely useful for underground, underwater and space exploration; Or in tasks that are high risk for humans and certainly those that are tedious or heavy such as cleaning, maintenance of green areas, etc.


We can say that we are witnessing the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, where science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, an advances that improve the living conditions of human beings, the planet and all beings. Utilizing renewable natural energy options, discovering cures and treatments for deadly diseases and reducing waste and using them intelligently for the creation of new products

In an era where technology and humanity will be interconnected unequivocally, it’s in our hands not to lose our human condition, to be empathetic with each other and to improve our species not only in the technological sense but also in all that which separates, limits and delays us from true evolution.


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