The way we travel today is totally different than traveling in the 90’s. In those days it was very common to hire a travel agent to book airline tickets or show us different accommodation options. We also were used this model to locate places to eat, to party and tourist sites, carry a gigantic map was the most common and uncomfortable thing in the world.

Nowadays, things have changed. Technology has come to lighten our lives and solve many things that were once tedious.shutterstock_664876390

Thanks to smartphones, we can do practically everything with a single finger. We can book a hotel room not before having checked many options in just a few minutes. We can buy plane tickets and when we reach our destination we can explore the best places to eat, go for a walk and even meet local people.

But something that has definitely not changed is being able to learn some words from the language of the place where we go and classic phrases necessary to survive. Before books were used to solve these problems but that is a thing of the past. Today, Google translator and different applications allow us to learn words and phrases and also meet people.

However, while speaking fluently another language, we will make a list of essential questions for you when traveling.


  • What’s the Wi-Fi code?
  • I have an online booking for a room tonight
  • Do you accept contactless?
  • Can I charge my phone here?
  • Where can I top up my phone?
  • Do you sell USB cables?
  • Do you offer online discount?
  • I read your reviews online, and…

                                                                                                            Without a doubt, technology is our new best friend and when we are traveling is very useful for everything from taking a taxi, to doing bank moves but shutterstock_646374610you need to push yourself and practice all the time until you speak fluently and the best way that you can do is talk with confidence.