Travelling has lots of benefits; the experience of getting to know a new place can be very stimulating. Most people enjoy getting in touch with the local culture and their practices. Now, thanks to Lingbe it will be fun and easy to practice foreign languages.

Are you willing to face the adventure of a lifetime? Up next are some suggestions of countries to visit with completely different languages. Enjoy!


Who said that practicing a new language has to be boring and complicated? Nowadays it is easier to learn proper pronunciation, how to read and write in another language thanks to all the technological improvements and globalization, that make it possible for two people in different countries to be communicated at all times. Also the possibility to travel has made people curious and open to learn about different cultures even if it is challenging.

The easiest languages to practice

There are different factor that make it hard for people to start practicing other languages, such as distance between countries, the phonetic challenge and how different it might be from your mother tongue. Motivation is very important when you are considering to start practicing another language.

Why is it important to know Spanish?

Speaking a foreign language was never as important as it is now. Throughout the XXI century it has become a main need, on both a personal and professional level.


Traveling can be one of the greatest experiences one can have as a human being; some of the most enjoyable things are appreciating the little details of the new places one visits. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy every second of every place you travel to.

The advantages of practicing a language with Lingbe

It’s amazing how much technology has evolved, it is now one of the main tools human beings rely on to make life much more simple. The Internet has managed to reach almost every corner of the planet, improving communication and interaction between people who are actually very far apart. This is what makes Lingbe possible. Being able to contact people from all around the world at anytime and anyplace opens up a whole world of possibilities. Did you ever think you were going to be able to practice language conversation with native speakers across the world? Or, Did you ever think you might be the one teaching your own native language to a foreigner in another continent?

American Culture

These tips on American culture are the first of our Help Me to Help You language practicing series which will hopefully help you have an even better experience on Lingbe by offering you topics to talk about with your new friends. Read on and enjoy!  

4 Tips to Practice Spanish

The best way to practice a new language is definitely through conversation sessions. Did you already find a Spanish conversation partner on Lingbe? What are you waiting for!